Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 8--Paris, France

April 26th, 2012

Top Deck tour!!! Day One! After a whopping 4 hours of sleep—which felt like I blinked and my alarm went off—it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated waking up. We checked in and met our tour guide Becs who seems super sweet. Quick breakfast and it was on the bus to Paris! 2 hours later we got to the ferry…’I have a thing for ferry boats.’… Sadly, no McDreamy on this boat. I was so nervous I was going to be sick with all the rocking and swaying but after sitting down and some food it was all good.
90 minutes later we officially arrived in FranceCalais to be exact and all I could think of was the battle in ‘The Queen’s Fool.” Such a good book but such a sad part, however still amazing to have been there. More bus ride with beautiful scenery. Green valleys and I was thinking of Beauty and the Beast. Besides YOLO, my other motto for this trip is ‘I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere; I want it more than I can tell.’ Which is so true. I felt anxious at certain points, like really scared and nervous to be away for so long in a strange place where I really have no fall back or resources. But then I remembered that life doesn’t happen when you’re sitting on your ass. Life doesn’t happen until you step out of your comfort zone. I read that somewhere and I didn’t understand it fully until this trip and it is SO true. You have to go out and find life. I want to find life and experiences. I want to be able to tell my kids stories one day of all the amazing places I’ve been and seen and all the cool ass things I’ve done.

Emo moment over. We got into Paris around 5 pm. We got ready and went to a local restaurant across the street. We all know how adventurous I am with foods so y’all might want to sit down. I ate escargot—yes, that is snail, tasted like a mushy meatball—and frog’s legs—bland, soft chicken, haha. The dinner was SO good! Onion soup and beef bourgeon with noodles. Yum! Oh, and of course, tons of baguettes.

We did a city lights tour after supper and got to do an impromptu stop at the Sacre Cour cathedral. Oh my gosh, it was breathtaking! Its on top of a hill which took a hike to get up but was so worth it! We were looking out at the entire city of Paris. Shit son. I cannot describe how amazingly beautiful it is. Indescribable. Pictures do not do it justice. The church itself is gorgeous and I made a donation and lit a candle for Granny, G-Pa and Auntie Nina. It’s tradition. Gotta do it.

After that we saw the rest of Paris via bus. I’ve had the Anastasia song ‘Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart’ stuck in my head since we got here…well, that and N***** in Paris. The first thing we saw was the Red Light District which is home to the Moulin Rouge!! It was so frickin’ cool. Weird though because it’s stuck in the middle of the strip of building on the street. The Arc de Triumph with Napoleon’s eternal flame which I didn’t know existed until today, was beautiful. We got some night pics at the Eiffel Tower! Eep! I could not believe I was seeing it in person with my own eyes. Unbelievable. I can’t wait to just walk around and be in the city. We also drown down the Champps Elysses. Holy hell. Can I puh-lease have the means one day to afford a small shopping spree through this amazingness? It’s not even that I want expensive things. I want the design and look of the expensive things, haha.

Early night after the tour for a big sight-seeing day tomorrow! Eep! Oh and since ive left England now I can recap what I’ve learned! Stay tuned!

Peace out, London. It’s been real.

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