Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Breakdown--France

'I'm goin to France, y'all!!'...Who doesn't a Bridesmaid quote?...Anyone? Ok, so here are my picks for some books that take place in France and are definitely worth to check out prior to touching down in Paris...or if you'd like to feel like you're there :)

This book is phenomenal and will be featured in my future 'Inspirations to Travel' post. This book captures the beauty and freedom of France perfectly. The whole book does not take place here but the story afterwards is just perfection. This book is one of my favs and it could be yours, too! Just keep in mind, this book will inspire you to do more than just travel; it will inspire you to live life to the fullest. 

Historical fiction about how Brittany fought to keep their independence. You learn about the history of France a bit and the story will be impossible to put down.

This book is a bit of a stretch for France but it does take place just don't get a lot of scenery. This book is SO worth it though. It could probably count for England more than France but I had so many for England I waned to share the wealth. This book is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES so if you get a chance just read it because you want to. It's incredible. 

Do YOU have any books that take place in France that I missed?

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