Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Breakdown--What To Read Before London

So as many of you may know, I also blog books over at Belle of the Literati. I love my books and I thought as a fun feature on the blog I could put down relevant books to certain cities or countries. I won't have this for every country but for some major ones, there are definitely some books you might want to check out before traveling to these amazing places!

So. London. It is no secret I am a HUGE history geek, so this particular city will have a TON of books you can read in prep for London. OR if traveling isn't your thing or you can't get over there, these books will make you FEEL as if you are in London. A lot of these are historical fiction, so if that's not your thing...sorry, bro.

Um...must I even explain this one?

This book takes place in the 1400s and it just gives you a feel of the history of this amazing country. It is bloody but it is steeped in romance and sweeping descriptions of the palaces and landscape. I love this book and you get to learn while you read.

I LOVE Anne Boleyn. I am a hardcore fangirl and this book takes place when Anne is a young girl. I love the characterization and humanization of this woman who is often painted as a villain. The emotions are strong and the story is beautiful. Get to know Anne Boleyn the way I think of her. Fiercely intelligent, independent, and misunderstood. 

This series is one of my favorites!! I have a few issues with a certain epilogue but STILL these books bring London in the 1800s to life. The scenery, the romance, the angst, SO MANY FEELS. I love this book and love that it takes place in London. 

Let's be serious. This classic is to die for. Jane is a phenomenally strong woman for the time and the story will just grab you. Perfect book to read to check off classic English literature off your list before you make your trek. 

I adore this book! It is an adult contemporary and is super cute, funny, and such an entertaining read. You won't be able to put this down because it is just hilarious! If you like this one, check out any of her other books, another personal favorite is Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella 

Like you can really go to London and NOT read one Jane Austen book. This is my FAVORITE book and the love story is unbeatable. It is so swoony and sigh-inducing...*sigh*

OK, not every city or country will have this many books BUT London is a huge city with lots of history and culture SO we got lots of choices! Happy Reading!

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