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Day 7--London, England

April 25th, 2012

Shakespeare and Harry Potter today!!! Morning actually felt fine. No hangover. Score. Plan is to hit up shakespeare’s Globe and then journey to Harry Potter—eep!!

So the weather sucked…I mean really sucked. Rainy as all hell, windy as all hell. We got lost from the Underground to the theater no less than three times. Miserable cannot begin to describe. My umbrella flipped inside out no less than 12 times until it finally broke. Eff. My. Life. FINALLY found the Globe. Honestly, London needs to work out their maps, they suck hard.

Walked through the exhibition, and honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed. I was so looking forward to seeing The Globe but it burned down a second time! How did I not know this?! How stupid do I feel? I guess we were on the grounds of the original site of the plays which is cool. The replica of the inside is pretty legit so it looks like all the images I’ve seen. Really glad I went…buuuuut I would not go back again. Or recommend others to go there. Not worth the time.

Now, ladies and gentlemen is the main event. The Making of Harry Potter. Oh. My. Gosh. !. word cannot describe the feelings of elation and excitement. For real. The lobby gave me chills. Legit. They had huge pics of all the main characters. Some old, some young, all very amazing. We stood in awe for a few minutes then went to pick up our audio tour and our guidebook. Yes!

The first part is a short movie about how influential and popuilar the moves are. They showed peope screaming and crying at the premieres…and yes, I did tear up. It was so cool; so freakin’ cool.

After that, we sat in the theater for another shortmovie; this one narrated and introduced by Harry, Ron, and Hermione…oh boy. They talked about how the cast and crew worked so hard and they are like a family. And it ended with them in front of the doors of the Great Hall inviting us in…and the screen lifted…and there were doors…the actual doors to the Great Hall. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry. Because I totally did. Like a gush of just pure emotion. I love Harry Potter. Oh so much. I had to just stand back and realize the magnitude of this moment. This is the Great Ha. This is where all the amazing actors worked and brought Harry Potter to life. Holy crap. The costumes inside representing the staff and the students were amazing!

The next section were props and costumes and then we saw the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory—eep! The common room was just as amazing but my favorite thing was the display of the wands. I don’t know why I find this so sool but I do. The fact that each want is so different looking and unique and reflect their personality I find so clever and amusing. JK Rowling is beyond genius. Next were some more props and Dumbelore’s office! His huge desk and background were beautiful!

OH! My other favorite display was of all the Horcruxes. The tiara, diary, and locket were phenomenally cool to see. So sparkly yet dark and intense, I just loved it! Then it was time to ride a broomstick…no, I’m serious. You sit on a broomstick and they CGI that shit so you look like you’re flying through Hogwards. Wore a robe and everything. Baller! Pretty sure a large portion of T’s and my life goals were completed with this task. We can die slightly—ok a lot!—happier now that we have rode a broomstick. Nerds for life.

Had some Butterbeer and I hate to say this but the drink at Universal in Florida was way better…sorry not sorry. Outside they had all the huge chess pieces, the Knight bus, Number 4 Privet drive and the bridge from the last movie! So many amazing pieces! Diagon Alley was next!! Eeep! Felt like I should have had my book list with me.

Then…it was the big finale…the Hogwarts castle. Oh. My. Gosh. Every screen shot of footage of the outside castle was taken from this 1/24 size scale model. I was looking at Hogwarts…no joke. More tears. Seriously, how could you not?! It was beautiful. It was Hogwarts. I finally made it. I was so moved and inspired a part of me really felt like I was coming home. Ugh. I just love Harry Potter so much *crying tears of joy*

Wow, end of the tour. Last but not least we enter the room before the gift shop that is filled with wants and a huge quote on the wall by JK Rowling and it says this:

‘The stories we love best really do live in us forever, so whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.’--JK Rowling

And I promise you this, it was the last time I cried. Final count of four; I expected around 7, which would have been very fitting. I just can’t take that quote. Speaks to my soul.

Ok, as if I haven’t enough already, I am going to gush about Harry Potter just for another minutes. I need to get out all my feels. People that don’t read it or don’t get it I honestly feel bad for. It’s not just about wizards and magic (but to believe in magic and put that out there for people to believe in is genius). It’s about so much more. It’s the ultimate battle between good and evil. It’s about standing up for what you know is the right thing. You don’t follow the pressure of what is evil or what is the easiest. You have to fight. It’s not pretty, its not easy. Its hard. As is risking your life for others. The scene in the Deathly Hallows where they all change into Harry in order to protect him was my defining moment. Everything looked different after that. The fact that so many people were willing to risk their lives for one person and potentially made the greatest sacrifice is so inspiring it give me chills…always. If people can’t get that there is no hope for them. Rowling is so freakin’ clever that she writes books that can be read and interpreted by so many ages its ridiculous. You can read them throughout your whole life and get a different perspective every time. Phenomenal would be an understatement. Awe-inspiring. *sigh*

End note—They say people typically take 3 hours to go through The Making of Harry Potter…we did in 4.5…and hardly spoke the entire time…oops

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