Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I Learned in Switzerland

What I Learned in Switzerland

1. Don't trust anyone from the Czech Republic 
according to the lovely woman at the desk
...or anyone from the Eastern Bloc
...cuz that's isn't totally prejudiced or anything...
Not that it matters that not only am I Czech but also Polish and German
...Eastern European mutt and proud of it right here.

2. Apparently the entire town of Lauterbrunnen knows when a Czech man is in their midst. 
Turn your locks...oh wait, you don't have any...

3. Dancing on tables singing Spice Girls and N***** in Paris and Miley Cyrus, in that order, is totally normal and totally epic.

4. Swiss people go crazy over 'a little wind.'

5. Switzerland does not need to be in the EU because they are financially stable enough not to need it. This is because of all the money they basically embezzled after the Nazi's couldn't get their money back out of their Swiss bank accounts. I have quite an opinion about this and it is not a positive one. 

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