Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips and To-Dos--Paris

Paris. The city of love. 

1. Use an over the shoulder purse that can zip.
I found Paris to have a TON of pickpocketers. Beware the children around the Louvre and along the Champps Elysses trying to get you to sign a petition. DO NOT SIGN IT. It is their attempt to rob you. Just ignore them and keep walking. Harsh but true.

2. Go off the beaten path. 
Restaurants close to the Champps Elysses will be super expensive. Wander around a little and find something farther away to keep from paying an arm and a leg for a baguette.

3. Use the Metro system. 
 This will be my tip in every city. Familiarize yourself with the public transportation system. It will save you heaps of time and headaches and money from trying to hail a cab.

4. Speaking of cabs...
It's obvious you won't have any clue where you are going, that's what cab drivers are for, right? Just make sure you're not being driven in circles. This happened to me and I refused to get in a car if the driver didn't speak English. This might sound rude but it's true. Keep your guard up. 

5. The Lourve will try and trick you.
I didn't experience this personally but a friend of mine was trying to exit the Lourve and the signs were completely confusing AND misleading. Be aware of this if you venture inside to try to expand your cultural knowledge. 

Must See!
The Sacre Cour Cathedral
I think this is prettier than the Notre Dame. The view is unlike any other I've ever seen. Hidden tip! Beware of the men that weave bracelets on your wrist. They will come right up to you and start to make a bracelet...then refuse to let go until you give them whatever amount of money they want. 

The Lourve
I'm cheating a little because I didn't go inside BUT if you don't have time to see the Mona Lisa, just going to see the former palace is beautiful. And you can see that pyramid monstrosity. Shudder.

The Eiffel Tower
Obiv. I'd also suggest taking the free steps up to the first level. I didn't get a chance but I hear the view is amazing!

Cabaret Show
It's not necessary to go to the Moulin Rouge, but see a show somewhere. It is so perfectly Parisian that you can't miss it if you're there.

The Champps Elysses
The street glows. Just walk it. You don't even have to buy anything. Just walk to the walk girlfriends. 

Notre Dame
The church is beautiful. The architecture of the building is amazing. You can't miss taking a picture looking like a hunchback in front of it...look out for the gargoyles!

Hope this can help you guys in some planning! I'm always available via Twitter or email if you want more details, have questions about my experience, or just want to talk traveling! 

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