Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I Learned in Paris

What I Learned in Paris

1. The Notre Dame was almost torn down until Victor Hugo wrote a book about it and it was saved. 
Yay Quasimodo!

2. Children will pretend to be deaf and mute in order to steal from you. 

3. It is ok to drink in the public; 
one does not need to skull wine from the inside of jackets.
Good to know.

4. Apparently they can 'make sex' in Paris.
Who knew?

5. Boys names Romeo actually do exist in real life.

6. Louis XIV was a prick and spent all the people's money building Versailles; 
Louis XV enjoyed it all;
Louis XVI paid for it all in death alongside Marie Antoinette.

7. The Lourve used to be a palace where Louis XIV lived--he built Versailles because the Lourve was too small.

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